As he stepped out of his home, in his new Merc E-Class, he expected that people in the neighborhood , who looked at him , would appreciate his hard work over the years and feel that he truly deserved it

But as human psychology works, most people on seeing a neighbour seated in a Mercedes, will instantly want themselves to be in that seat, ' Why not me - Why he ? I deserved it much more | Maybe life is so unfair 😢

Same when you see someone flaunting a Maldives vacation , someone writing about experience of raising another 100 million dollars of funds, someone getting an Achiever Award in his office

A boy comes first in class. When his friends' Mom appreciates him, the friend instantly retorts - You know he doesn't even know how to hold a bat properly - he has bookish knowledge , I study so little but get almost the same marks

Unless you are a sadhu, the feelings will mostly come

Don't you agree that society, as a whole, subconsciously , has this wrong but natural feeling towards achievers 😊 And that's why the phrases like 'Lonely at the top'

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