[CAJOBPORTAL INSIGHTS] Its time to ModiFy your approach

[CAJOBPORTAL INSIGHTS] Its time to ModiFy your approach

After the 1984–85 elections, BJP had just two members in the Lok Sabha while Congress had 426. They have come a long way from there:

If you take a train from Churchgate, Mumbai and travel northwards, the first Congress MP you will encounter is in Punjab!

Beating the caste arithmetic of a Mayawati + Mulayam, beating a belligerent Mamta on her home turf, despite all the violence/drama, making inroads into the BJD bastion Odisha and sweeping the Hindi Heartland, a place where they nearly lost all elections a year ago.

It’s not mean achievement

It’s time that we took lessons from recent events and ModiFy our approach in the corporate life

Here are a few that I could think of:

1) We must understand what really motivates people.

Sometimes, in our personal and professional life, we make efforts but yet people don’t seem impressed; often because we haven’t struck the right chords or haven’t excited the imagination

The recent poll campaign was a classic example of how you can strategize when it comes to motivate people

a) You give benefits at the material, lower level of need, say toilets, LPG, houses and

b) Inspiring them at the nationalist level, “ Yeh naya Hindustan hai, yeh ghar mein ghusega bhi aur maarega bhi” — the country that is now prepared to get into and decimate the enemy’s house

You have to give employees the optimum salary hikes and also simultaneously talk about Employee Engagement, your Vision 2030.

2) Meticulous Planning and then Flawless Execution on the ground

Each Modi in life needs an Amit Shah. He has been the proverbial Chanakya for a Chandragupta

It’s a combination of ideological firmness, unlimited political imagination and realpolitik flexibility.

It’s a willingness to match limitless political ambition with a thorough spadework, and then takes charge at the ground to put it into work.

Only lofty planning alone won’t help. Only working without a plan won’t help

3) David Vs Goliath

‘कौन कहता है आसमां में सुराख नहीं हो सकता (who says you can’t punch a hole in the universe)

Tweeted Smriti Irani after winning Amethi http://bit.ly/2WoCEJE

“Who?” was Priyanka Gandhi Vadra’s cutting response to questions today about Smriti Irani, who was running against her brother, Rahul, in Amethi https://youtu.be/qmplKKAtYV4

Today, Smriti Irani defeated Congress president Rahul Gandhi.

Smriti who?

Member of Parliament from Amethi J

This is only the second time that a member of the Gandhi Nehru family has lost from the family bastion of Amethi, Raebareily etc. The first was in the aftermath of the Emergency in 1977 when both Indira Gandhi and her younger son, Sanjay Gandhi lost their respective elections.

So you never know when fortunes change — you need to assiduously work towards achieving your goal, even though you might be an absolute underdog

Sometimes we rest on past laurels. Sometime we take people’s support for us for granted, like Congress did for Amethi. That may no longer be a luxury.

4) Naamdar Vs Kaamdar

Jyotiraditya Scindia in MP, Vaibhav Gehlot in Rajasthan, the Mulayam family in the UP and the Lalu family in Bihar was completely razed to the ground

This has an important lesson for Family Owned Businesses as well.

The lineage may no longer be enough to command the respect of people.

You have to work on the ground level and prove yourself.

5) Remember, past performance may not be an indicator of the future

Former prime minister H D Deve Gowda lost

8 former Chief Minsters lost: Sheila Dikshit, Bhupinder Singh Hooda. Harish Rawat, Ashok Chavan, Sushil Kumar Shinde, Veerapa Moily, Mukul Sangma, Digvijay Singh

Past performance may not be an indicator of the future

A lot of super achievers in organisations want to later sit on the bench and draw their salaries basis the Halo Effect of the past. Not sure whether the organisations of tomorrow will be as benign as yesterday

6) Excusitis

Losers will blame everything from EVMs to polarisation — the fact remains that the voters preferred the dream that Modi was selling to them

There is a question — the EVM which made RaGa win in Wayanad was working well and the one which made him lose in Amethi was manipulated.

“Congratulations to the winners. But all losers are not losers” — these statements, as made by a Mamta Banerjee, may not really

Sometimes it’s good to be graceful in defeat. It’s time for introspection. Excusitis will only make matters worse.

7) The Silent Assassin

Sometimes organisation and individuals have a Mukul Roy in their life — the silent assassin who converted the Modi wave into a tsunami in West Bengal, who knew the grassroots level workers and mobilised them, the one who does everything although does not remain in the limelight. His void proved costly for Mamta

Before you let go of close confidants, it may be worthwhile to reflect on their intrinsic value and also the collateral damage they could cause if they become your competition

8) Aiming for the stars

The golden adage says

Aim for the Stars, If You Fail, You’ll Land on the Moon

But then, there is a caveat — realism

It’s good to be ambitious but then sometimes if you are so besotted by the end result that you lose control over the process. And then failure starts

A Chandrababu Naidu wanted to be PM and could not retain his CM seat also.

A Naveen Patnaik restricted himself to his home turf and was re-elected for the 5th term

9) Sometimes results will baffle you but that’s life.

Ghazipur in Eastern UP has elected a mafia don over one of the most hardworking ministers of the NDA government, Manoj Sinha.

So sometimes, like the annual appraisal results, you might want to bang your head against the wall. But life is not always fair. We must learn to accept it.

10) Bold Decisions

I think this election was a vindication of bold decisions — GST, Demonetisation, Surgical Strikes, Balakot. They may have been good/bad/ugly — execution could have been seamless/flawed. But the fact remains that the intent was never in question and hence, people are willing to respect the doer.

Sometimes decision making in organisations remain in a state of limbo because no one is willing is to bell the cat. I think now some will be willing to ModiFy their risk appetite

Thanks & Regards

Sonia Singal: CA Job Portal


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