Covid19 — An ‘out of the syllabus’ question for one and all

At one end of the spectrum, the white collar class, whose lifestyle has become an albatross around their neck, have been complaining about salary cuts — how will I now pay the EMI of my SUV and Duplex, how will I manage the fees of my kids whom I send to IB schools. Now how will they keep up with the Joneses?

At the other end of the spectrum, the ‘ no collar ‘ walking class who are getting crushed by trucks on highways on their way back home — 70 years of independence and this class still struggles for its place under the sun. They are the migrant workers — the hearts and lungs of our factories — we are skeptical about their returning to the villages lest they never return back to be cogs in the wheels

You can rant about the inefficient politician on social media but remember he/she also is caught on the wrong foot — his USP is to polarize people along caste, creed, religion — this Covid19 is an óut of the syllabus’question for him. So for the babus, who never studied Covid19 in their history textbooks en route cracking the UPSC exams

If the politician were the typical HR, he/she could have asked the recruitment consultant to furnish CVs of administrators with relevant Covid19 experience , but sadly there are none in the market — it’s a unique, unparalleled situation and no one has faced it before

Novartis CEO says a vaccine that is properly tested and can be administered to millions, is 2 years away

What times we live in

130 crore Indians cant sit and eat — even if the Waqf Boards, Temples, Gurudwaras and Churches were to open their treasuries

Maybe the only way forward is to look within and pray !!

#MrPractical #AnuragSingal #Covid19



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