Sales Diaries

Anurag Singal
2 min readApr 23, 2022


When we started Sales at, we initially felt that the entire universe owes us work

When rejections came, it used to hurt a lot — instant reaction were :

- Why is this person not even willing to listen to my Value Proposition — we are fairly qualified and know what we are offering

-Why is this person throwing so much attitude “How did you get my phone number” ….are we trying to sell some unwanted credit cards

- Why is this person denying that they use vendors — they gave given a mandate to xyz company and I even got a call from them

- Why this naatak of being busy -

- Why this person simply accepted the LinkedIn connect request and then refuses to respond.


And eventually we became empathethic

- Maybe this person got a similar treatment in his early days — the world was harsh and thus the desire to make any beginner run for his money

-Maybe this person is actually busy — his boss has been demanding and dumps work

-Maybe we should have sought an appointment to speak

- Maybe we should instal the rebump app for automatic follow-ups on email

-Maybe this person does not have LinkedIn app on the phone — logins once a week — and is swamped by messages — since others dont reply to his messages, he doesnt reply to yours (revenge)

- Maybe this person’s phone number actually features in the calling list of a lot of tele-callers and is genuinely upset

Eventually we became thick-skinned

- GTH. Even if this person does not give work, we are still alive

- surely he has got some kickbacks setting — forget him — we are ethical

- let us get hold of his boss — “apne aap line pe aa jayega”

- we will respond politely to any cold-calls

And life moved on — we found our place under the sun — very small — not even needing a full fledged umbrella :) but enough to move forward in a toto and explore life more

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