Should we take up a MIS Analyst Job?

Should we take up a MIS Analyst Job? The MIS Role in different avatars — Planning & Budgeting Analyst, Business Analyst, MIS Analyst comes up in abundance for CAs and MBAs at the fresher stage. The job profile is Budget Vs Actual, Variance Analysis, Waterfall Charts for PPT etc. If your job is confined to generation of these MIS Reports by manually taking data dumps from ERP such as SAP, Data Cleaning and then applying Pivot and VLookups/HLookups in MS Excel to prepare those tabular data tables, your job could soon be snatched away by technology. And thus, be prepared for a major disruption in your Comfort Zone. Python for Finance, Power BI etc are going to take away your sweet spot. I can recollect instances of companies where the MIS Dashboards are synced in real time to the ERPS, fetch data every 15 minutes and update the dashboards, thus obviating the need for human involvement. The other challenge with standard template based jobs is the fact that tomorrow a fresher with half your salary and double your enthusiasm with replace you as a cog in the wheel. Unless you move beyond number generation to actual analysis of the data, developing heurestics, deep dive into the industry benchmarks, say for textile industry and see what competition is doing — you can be eliminated at the drop of a hat. Thus domain expertise is very important in building your own brand and that will not happen if you are stuck only in number generation.