Startup Learnings — “conflict of interest”

Anurag Singal
1 min readApr 11, 2022


Over the years, I learnt how to learn with the “conflict of interest” issue in economic transactions with people , in other words , situations where helping you means पेट पर लात for him (“pet par laat”) for him

Lets say, Mr X posted on whatsapp group about a finance vacancy in his organisation, with his personal email ID

“CA 2–5 years needed in FMCG MNC at Guwahati. Email

What do this probably indicate — “He wants to source CVs and earn referral bonus OR score brownie points with his boss/HR”

In such a case, it would be foolhardy to approach him and say “ Hey, have a request, can you introduce to your HR”

In this scenario, unless its a desperate situation , he will “

- not respond
- give vague excuses
- say that they dont use vendors or use only Michael Page ( means you are a small vendor)

If you push too much — they might agree ( sensing that they might also seek a job change in some time and you might be of help to them) — so, they will ask for your pitch deck in their personal email ID ( so that they can use it at an opportune moment to copy the brochure’s format)

Classic conflict of interest situation, which every entrepreneur has to analyse and learn to live with , depending on his/her context

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