When you hold yourself accountable to someone

A lot of us, including self, get stressed out because we feel we are accountable to the world at large

Although the reality is that no one really cares ( as one of my popular videos — “kisi ko koi farak nahi padta” says) , they will keep asking nagging questions — why did you do this — why you opting for this MBA, why you taking up this job, why you starting on your own

Often, we often have any answers — like when I joined IIM Ahmedabad for PGPX in April 2015, I had no answers where this course would take me — I had spent 21.5 lacs ( taking a loan of equivalent amount) , said no to salary dopamine and put on the bag pack. My daughter was just 11 months old ( missing her first birthday remains one of my biggest regrets yet) . One relative asked “ you are married, have a little kid to take care of, have a decent job, why this bold move “ …I had no answers ….I was experimenting …and so the inability to answer such questions stressed me a lot

(of course later cajobportal.com and everything else fell into place)

My larger point is “please decide why you should be accountable to someone and give them answers to these piercing questions”

A listed company makes quarterly disclosures only because it has raised money from the markets

A startup sends monthly updates to the VC/PE only because it has raised funding from them

You call in sick to your boss and take permission for absence only because you have a salary bound relationship ( ever remember calling up you ex-bosses when you fall sick ..you wont :)

So when you hold yourself accountable to someone, ask yourself what that person has done to deserve this respect !!

Lets say, in a case where that person has, say, mentored you throughout childhood and is now asking questions on this rash career move — answer him/her ….but not everyone

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